About the Molecular Oncology Almanac Portal


The Molecular Oncology Almanac Portal is a web portal built on top of Google Cloud and the Broad Institute's Terra which allows users to run the Molecular Oncology Almanac, a clinical interpretation algorithm for precision oncology, without needing to know GitHub, Python, or even Terra. Submitting molecular profiles through this portal will create a Terra workspace on the user's behalf, upload specified metadata and files to the workspace's associated Google Cloud bucket, and run the Terra method vanallenlab/moalmanac. The Van Allen lab does not have access to any data or workspaces created through this portal.

Terra has created an outreach workspace demonstrating the result of using this portal on example data. An example report generated by Molecular Oncology Almanac is viewable here.


This repository is specifically for the clinical interpretation method and there are several other resources within the Molecular Oncology Almanac ecosystem:

The method is also available on Docker and Terra.